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February 2007


-Bakura's Communitity Friends-


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Feb. 24th, 2007


My submission form

1. What is it about Bakura/Ryou that interests you so much?
Well, I can personally say I have been a fan of YuGiOh ever since it came out. Though lately as I've gotten older, my fandom has waned for the show but grown in strength for the Ryou/Bakura love. Its the only destructive, abuse-like relationship I approve of in media and like a lot. Thats how I think perfect Ryou/Bakura is written, personally at least. Bakura isn't a cheesy guy who will say nice, sweet things. That isn't him. But Ryou will allow himself to be controlled. Or at least be controlled easily. Personally, they're just complete opposite personalities, blending together to make one imperfect person; that just really got me. There was a lot more thought process behind Ryou and Yami Bakura than the show gave on. Even the manga doesn't fully express the true amazing mechanics behind this snow-haired duo.

I suppose just my sadistic love along with how pretty the boys are just turned me onto them. I've been a loyal Ryou/Bakura fan ever since.

2. What do you plan on doing while you are here?

I am not too keen at making icons, though I think I am a fairly nice artist and writer. I have been, as of late, trying my hand at making icons. But I drew a pretty alright picture of Yami Bakura a few months ago that I will upload as my example...

3. Can you give me an example?
Alright, so it actually turns out that my Yami Bakura drawing was eaten by my computer ._.;

Which is really quite sad and little on the annoying side...so. I'm sorry about that. But I will definitely do some Ryou/Bakura or centric Ryou or centric Yami Bakura love around here.

<3 I hope I get accepted.

I will be very excited to be the first member :3


Feb. 22nd, 2007



Application Form
The simplest thing you could do just to get in....

What is it about Bakura/Ryou that interests you so much?

What do you plan on doing while you are here?
(making icons, fangirling, posting profile layouts...etc)

3. Can you give me an example?
(If it's just for fan-girling, you don't have to do an example)


(no subject)


I just now (feb 22, 2007) opened this communitiy up...give me a few minutes to load what I need to load...thankies!

keep an eye out for this communitiy...we're going to have sooooo much fun!